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That really depends on your vision for the event and the kind of event you are having. Please tell us the occasion, the venue, number of guests, the range of ages that will be in attendance and we can definitely make some recommendations and put some options together for you.
Absolutely. For DJ packages, we will send you a music form to complete and return upon booking and confirmation. We are happy to play requests to personalize your function as music is such an individual thing. We do however recommend keeping the requests to a reasonable number to allow us to read the crowd and allow flexibility to change the music and go with the flow of the crowd on the day.
Under many circumstances, yes it is possible to perform your special request live, if you give us advance notice, ideally around 6-8 weeks. We are usually happy to learn 1-2 songs complimentary for a function but additional requests beyond that may be subject to an additional fee to cover our extra rehearsal time. Best to discuss this with us personally to accommodate your unique requests.
That depends on your preference. If you as the client are happy with requests, we will take them with the understanding that we as the DJ always have discretion when to play a song and whether it’s appropriate for the moment. Under most circumstances, requests are fine but it’s also important to remember to allow enough leeway for the DJ or entertainer to read the crowd and do what they do best.

Live music requests are also possible. If it’s a song we know, we will happily play it. If we don’t, we will endeavor to play something similar or from a similar genre or style.

No, our song lists are quite extensive and are continually being updated and new songs are continually being added.

These are just a small sample of the kind of songs you can expect to hear. We can send you full song lists when we give you a quote.

Yes, this is a possibility and in most circumstances we can accommodate this unless there are venue restrictions such as noise/licensing curfews. An additional fee will be applied to extend past the booked time frame.
For example if I book a 5 hour package and it takes you an hour to setup and an hour to pull down, do I pay for 7 hours? No. you only play for 5 hours, the time of the actual performance, regardless of setup/teardown time.
Yes, we can MC your event. There is an additional fee for this, which we would be happy to include in your quote. We feel the role of MC is often underrated and we recommend that whoever you choose (whether it be a friend or family member), that you choose someone confident, who genuinely wants to do it and who has the people skills to liaise with you, the venue the entertainment and your guests. Experience is definitely an asset for this role but whomever you choose, we will happily liaise with them and assist in whatever way we can to help your event run smoothly.
Yes, we provide PA for up to 200 guests. Some larger weddings & corporate events may require a larger PA/setups in which case, additional PA may need to be hired at the client’s expense. DJ/effects lighting for the dance area is included with every DJ package. Live music packages include basic stage lighting for the performance area but additional lighting may be required depending on your venue/requirements, also to be hired at the client’s expense. Please communicate with us regarding your specific event details including the venue and number of guests you are expecting.
A stage is not a requirement for most functions however if you have a large number of guests, it may be preferable so that we can be seen from a distance. It is at your discretion and expense if you would like to hire a stage for the entertainment.
We do not supply dancefloors. Many venues will hire these as part of their function package or a staging/AV company could hire that to you. In many cases, clients are happy to dance on the flooring in the venue space they have hired such as carpet, wood or even in the grass. It’s your personal choice whether to hire a dance floor or not.
In general for DJ up to Duo options we take up about the length of a standard trestle table (3 meters) by around 2 meters width.
For band options, that will increase about a meter for every additional musician.
We would request a location with reasonable access to power (ideally within 10-20 meters) and at least one 16 amp normal power point in most cases to run DJ and lighting equipment.
We would also request to be setup in a covered area or under a marquee if there is a strong chance of rain or in the case of mid-day sun exposure for an afternoon event longer than 1 hour. Both sun and rain can be extremely damaging to our equipment so a marquee/umbrella/covering of some kind is a requirement on rainy/hot sunny days.
In the case of ceremonies on beaches, in gardens or in other non-powered locations, please let us know, as we can supply battery-powered PA for such occasions.
Please let us know if you are having a theme. We are happy to dress to a particular theme or dress code. We really enjoy theme parties 🙂 Otherwise we can dress from smart casual to formal. This is also helpful to know from a musical perspective as we can incorporate music to match your theme as well.
It depends entirely on the event requirements and venue but usually around an hour to an hour & a half for most functions. We can work in with you if a specific setup time is required. Please let us know in advance if you or your venue have specific setup times we need to fit in with so we can accommodate that. For most evening functions, when possible, we like to come in mid-afternoon, setup and then return about 15 minutes prior to the official start time.
Yes we are licensed through the PPCA and have public liability insurance up to $20 000 000. We can supply our certificate of currency if required upon request.
We would ask for a basic rider of a main meal for each entertainer, DJ or musician and soft drinks/water for most functions. Please let us know if you are not able to accommodate this for any reason.
To confirm and hold the date for your function, we require a deposit. Please confirm via email which package you would like to book and the number of hours and we will send you an invoice for the deposit.
Most payments are made to our nominated bank account via EFT. We can also accept cash and cheque. We do not currently accept credit card payments.
For private events, corporate events and weddings, we will send you confirmation, music forms and T’s & C’s upon the receipt of your deposit.
It is extremely important that you complete your forms and send them back ideally by about 4-6 weeks prior to your event. This ensures that we are on the same page with regards to your music selection and gives us time to pull together all the required songs. Please make sure you name the artists of the songs you are requesting as there can be many versions of the same song.
With wedding bookings, we request a meeting with you ideally in person (if possible) fairly close to the wedding date, anywhere from a week to a month prior. This can happen via Skype in some cases. This is imperative in ensuring your day runs smoothly and that we get a good understanding of your music taste and the proceedings on your unique day.
Occasionally we get requests from corporate/private clients to have a meeting in advance of the function date. Please let us know if this is a requirement.
Although an iPod will save you money, it will also create work for you or one of your guests on your function day. It can also create tension among your guests if more than one person wants to control it.

An iPod sadly cannot read your crowd and therefore cannot change the mood at any given moment.

iPods will often play the wrong song at the wrong time and at the wrong volume.

Save yourself the stress of putting the music together and worrying about how it will run on the day and hire a true professional DJ, live musician or band for your corporate event, ceremony or reception. The sound quality will likely be far better than many of the small PA systems your venue may provide or hire to you and it is almost certain to be more engaging for your guests, creating a much more fun and memorable event.

Professional entertainers can also troubleshoot technical issues seamlessly and adjust volume levels between speeches, music, and microphones (for ceremony, toasts, etc.) easily.
They can also give you tips on the ideal set up, and the best music to play to build the momentum for the various phases of the night.
Through our own experience and liaising with many venue coordinators who have seen iPods fail at an event, we would recommend that you strongly consider budgeting for entertainment at your function and saving your money on something else that will have less impact on the success of your event as a whole.

Bottom line: Leave nothing to chance. If you want a memorable wedding or event with the greatest potential for fun- hire a professional DJ or live entertainer/band.

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